Jurek, the film by Paweł Wysoczański

A documentary film directed by P. Wysoczański is the first from many years film presenting J. Kukuczka as a real, flesh and blood persons. The man who climbs up – not only literally, but also metaphorically and symbolically, from a socialist worker to an international media star. Jurek started his climbing career with no money and equipment and at the end he was the rightful king of the Himalayas.


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This film is also the image of the golden age of Polish Himalayan mountaineering – hard and colourful at the same time, when idealism was valued more than fame. The film contains interviews with family and friends, archival materials, photographs, recordings, excerpts from TV programmes and interviews  make up the portrait of the whole Himalayan mountaineers in 1980s.

“Jurek” is a “dense, intensive film”. It is not meant as flattery or a monument but it is a film about a real man.

Ryszard Jaźwiński, Polish Radio, Program III

Awards and Prizes:

International Mountain Film Festival in Teplice and Metuji (2015) – Grand Prix

International Mountain Film Festival in Vancouver (2015) – Grand Prix

International Mountain and Adverture Film Festival “Hory a Mesto” in Bratislava (2015) –  V4 Award

Meetings with Mountain Film, Zakopane, Poland (2015) – Grand Prix

Andrzej Zawada’s Mountain Film Review, Lądek – Zdrój, Poland (2015) – the Best Polish Film Award

Andrzej Zawada’s Mountain Film Review, Lądek – Zdrój, Poland (2015) – the Audience Prize



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Scenariusz i reżyseria :Paweł Wysoczański
Czas :73 minuty
Napisy :polskie, angielskie
Kraj i rok produkcji :Polska, 2014
Format obrazu :16:9
Format zapisu :DVD
Język :Polski
Wydawnictwo :Fundacja Wielki Człowiek
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