Darowizna na Wirtualne Muzeum Jerzego Kukuczki Darowizna na Wirtualne Muzeum Jerzego Kukuczki
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"Zdobywam koronę himalajów z Jerzym Kukuczką" – the coloring book

"Zdobywam koronę himalajów z Jerzym Kukuczką" is not only a coloring book that provides a great fun for a little reader, it is a journey in time and space. With every page turned, we discover another part of an expedition in the highest mountains in the world – Himalaya and Karakorum.


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The journey through the crown of the Himalaya leads through the trails determined by Jerzy Kukuczka.
We offer you not only a far expedition in unknown mountains’ regions… but also a time travel!

Each page was based on photographs that now are located in Jerzy Kukuczka’s Archives. Pictures were taken by the climber and his companions during expeditions. All of the illustrations are accompanied by basic information about particular mountain and a short comment from the editor.

Included in the package:

- folder that you can keep your coloring book in

- 14 A4 coloring sheets (printed on a poster board)

- crayons

Seller: The Great Man Foundation (Fundacja Wielki Człowiek)

Ilość stron :15
Język :Polski
ISBN :978-83-65095-01-5
Wydawnictwo :Fundacja Wielki Człowiek
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