Darowizna na Wirtualne Muzeum Jerzego Kukuczki Darowizna na Wirtualne Muzeum Jerzego Kukuczki
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"Zdobyć koronę. Opowieść o Jerzym Kukuczce" A. Czerwińska-Rydel - children’s book (Polish language)

Have you ever wondered how to tell your child the story of the greatest polish climber? How to infuse them with the love and passion for mountains? If the answer is yes then you probably know it is not easily done. To help you, the book “To take the crown” has been written. The story of Jerzy Kukuczka.


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While reading you will keep Jerzy Kukuczka company in his adventures and mountain expeditions. Together you will be enjoying reaching mountain peaks but also you will be going through hard experience and failures. You will stand on the top of each one of fourteen eight-thousenders of The Crown of The Himalaya!

Friendly narration and colorful illustrations show the best times in polish Himalaism in an accessible way for a young reader. The book is fascinating, unpredictable, keeps the reader on their toes and teaches how to follow one’s dreams without minding hard times.

Messner has won. He got to all of the peaks taking the classic way, without new approaches, without choosing particularity hard parts. He climbed, he made it, he was the first one. I felt sorry. But also relieved. I have my own goal. Is anyone going to stop me from reaching it? (To take the Crown. The story of Jerzy Kukuczka)

This book cannot be missing from a little reader’s book shelf!

Autor :Anna Czerwińska-Rydel
Ilość stron :192
Rok wydania :2016
Rodzaj i gatunek literacki: :literatura dziecięca, opowiadanie
Oprawa :twarda
Format :165x235
ISBN :978-83-943429-0-6
Wnętrze książki :Kolor
Wydawnictwo :Fundacja Wielki Człowiek
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