Darowizna na Wirtualne Muzeum Jerzego Kukuczki Darowizna na Wirtualne Muzeum Jerzego Kukuczki
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Cheaper in the set: (Na szczytach świata + DVD Jurek)

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Cheaper in the set: "Na szczytach świata" book + "Jurek" DVD


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I product: Na szczytach świata. Jerzy Kukuczka, Tomasz Malanowski

Na szczytach świata" is a record of high-altitude memories of Jerzy Kukuczka, the best Polish climber of XX century. A long interview conducted and compiled by Tomasz Malanowski, a frank and open discussion of many mountain topics - the difficult beginning being the roots of his later Himalayan successes, struggling with yourself, the routes established on the world’s fourteen highest summits, climbing partners, death and friendship and the choice whether to help and put yourself at risk or save your own life, complicated preparations for expeditions which often started with paint works on factory chimneys as well as many other issues that were close to Jerzy’s heart. This is a simple and honest dialogue, far from the mountain martyrdom. 

"This, what  started to happen in the events and continues to pester me on the next day on the crest, filled me with anxiety, even with fear. As I was cooking my evening meal, I had all the time an overwhelming feeling that I need to prepare it for two. What’s more, I was convinced that there was someone else  in the tent and I would not risk my head saying that I was not trying to talk to him. I felt very well, nothing bugged me. So, why the hallucinations? Or perhaps it just seemed to me that everything was fine? Such questions racked me just like the hallucinations. Then, again I was not sure whether I was right to go up. In the morning, as I was heading to the summit, I still had this illusion of someone’s presence. I caught myself stopping to wait for the other one, let him go first and change me leading. And there were the stars. At some point, I glanced at Tibet and I had to sit down. In daylight sky I could clearly see  them glittering as if it was night. I closed my eyes , than I looked at my watch. It was almost 1 p.m. when I looked again at the sky. The stars were still shining…"

Jerzy Kukuczka, an excerpt from the book "Na szczytach świata"

II product: Jurek - documentary film by Paweł Wysoczański

A documentary film directed by P. Wysoczański is the first from many years film presenting J. Kukuczka as a real, flesh and blood person. The man who climbs up – not only literally, but also metaphorically and symbolically, from a socialist worker to an international media star. Jurek started his climbing career with no money and equipment and at the end he was the rightful king of the Himalayas.

This film is also the image of the golden age of Polish Himalayan mountaineering – hard and colourful at the same time, when idealism was valued more than fame. The film contains interviews with family and friends, archival materials, photographs, recordings, excerpts from TV programmes and interviews  make up the portrait of the whole Himalayan mountaineers in 1980s.

"Jurek" is a "dense, intensive film" It is not meant as flattery or a monument but it is a film about a real man.

Ryszard Jaźwiński, Polish Radio, Program III

Awards and Prizes:

International Mountain Film Festival in Teplice and Metuji (2015) – Grand Prix

International Mountain Film Festival in Vancouver (2015) – Grand Prix

International Mountain and Adverture Film Festival “Hory a Mesto” in Bratislava (2015) –  V4 Award

Meetings with Mountain Film, Zakopane, Poland (2015) – Grand Prix

Andrzej Zawada’s Mountain Film Review, Lądek – Zdrój, Poland (2015) – the Best Polish Film Award

Andrzej Zawada’s Mountain Film Review, Lądek – Zdrój, Poland (2015) – the Audience Prize



Autor :Jerzy Kukuczka i Tomasz Malanowski
Ilość stron :208
Rok wydania :2013
Rodzaj i gatunek literacki: :wywiad, literatura faktu
Oprawa :miękka
Format :A5
Scenariusz i reżyseria :Paweł Wysoczański
Czas :73 minuty
Napisy :polskie, angielskie
Kraj i rok produkcji :Polska, 2014
Format obrazu :16:9
Format zapisu :DVD
Język :Polski
Wydawnictwo :Fundacja Wielki Człowiek
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