Darowizna na Wirtualne Muzeum Jerzego Kukuczki Darowizna na Wirtualne Muzeum Jerzego Kukuczki
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"Mój Pionowy Świat" Jerzy Kukuczka - album edition (Polish language)

Exceptional, album edition of legendary autobiography of Jerzy Kukuczka. This full of passion, commitment and dedication for mountains story has been accompanied by photographs from Jerzy Kukuczka’s Archives, selected and prepared by his son – Wojtek.


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The portrait of the most outstanding polish climber of 20th century has been filled with exceptional pictures taken while reaching The Crown of the Himalaya, mountain trips, get-togethers with friends and family celebrations. This album was created as a tribute to Jerzy Kukuczka on 25th anniversary of his death.

Finally, the greatest moment in every climb. The moment when I am only few steps away from a peak, when I know that nothing is going to stop me, when I know that I have won… I have won, not a mountain or the weather but first and foremost myself, my weakness, my fear. When I can already thank a mountain that it was kind to me again this time.

I would never give these moments away and if I have to struggle on my way to the top and brush against never determined border between calculated risk and foolhardiness, then alright, I am in. I am in for a fight with all the danger that is waiting for me. I am in for the winds that thump on tents’ walls for weeks and nearly make you go crazy. I am in for trails that you follow at the very limit of your endurance. I am in for a for a fight. The price I get for overcoming these obstacles is enormously valuable. This price is the joy of living. (quotation from “My vertical world”)


 The Book of the Year 2012 at The Mountain Culture Festival in Bormio

 Arkady Fiedler’s Amber Butterfly Award 1996

 Grand Prix, Wawrzyniec Żuławski’s Mountain Book of the Year 2015

This is the award for exclusive edition of the bestselling autobiography of our biggest climber. It has been created for the special occasion of the 25th anniversary of his death. Jury appreciated the involvement in editing of the co-author of this work – Wojtek Kukuczka, who put a great effort to add photographs to the original version of the book, carefully selected from huge archives of his father, that holds few thousands pictures. In this way a full, and what’s also important, coherent documentation of Jerzy Kukuczka’s achievements was made – phenomenon on the mountain book’s market in Poland – said Krystyna Palmowska (the jury member).

Autor :Jerzy Kukuczka
Ilość stron :324
Rok wydania :2014
Rodzaj i gatunek literacki: :autobiografia
Oprawa :twarda
Format :210x210
ISBN :978-83-937896-8-9
Wnętrze książki :Kolor
Publishing house :Fundacja Wielki Człowiek
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